Snjallræði (Smart Idea) Iceland´s first social  innovation accelerator will be closing for application 10 September 2018. The winning 7 teams will be announced at the annual Imagine Forum conference in Veröld – hús Vigdísar in Reykjavik on October 10th. This accelerator is intended to be the first of an annual event to coincide with the Imagine Forum conference and related activities.

The accelerator will begin on the 11 October with some of the speakers from the conference joining the accelerator as mentors. The accelerator will be over a 7 week period where each winning team will be awarded a moderate prize  to fund their participation in the accelerator and will receive continuing support from the mentors after the accelerator.

Höfði Reykjavík Peace Centre at the University of Iceland, the Innovation Centre Iceland, FESTA – Icelandic Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, the University of Iceland, the City of Reykjavík, Ministry for Industries and Innovation and the Iceland Academy of the Arts are behind Snjallræði (e. Startup Social), while the execution of the project is in the hands of Höfði Reykjavík Peace Centre and the Innovation Centre Iceland. The endeavour is meant to strengthen diversity in Icelandic innovation and create a forum for social entrepreneurial activities.”


Who can take part?

The application process is open to individuals, associations and/or companies. Projects and/or ideas to participate in the accelerator must show positive social impact.

“Climate change, prejudice and political dissolution are examples of issues that impact societies and influence their future development. Rapid technological changes entail great social changes that will put their mark on job development and opportunities to societal participation in future Iceland. It is thus vital that there is a forum in Iceland for individuals, associations and companies to find creative solutions to these new challenges in a changed society. Interdisciplinary innovation must be strengthened, and the knowledge found in social sciences and humanities, empirical sciences, information technology and biotechnology must be brought together, paving the way for innovation in the field of public service, welfare services and environmental issues. “


How to apply?

Apply direct at Snjallræði – the application is available in both English and Icelandic.


“Direct quotes” from Snjallræði – The first social accelerator in Iceland