Mural is a visual collaboration tool for teams working online on a distance. It supports the implementation of design thinking concept and provides shared digital whiteboards, where teams visually explore complex challenges and organize flexible processes across any device. Drawing tools, Sticky notes, icons, pictures, comments, discussions and more features can be added there to visualize the decision making process.

Mural helps a to save finances related to gathering teams together for workshop sessions, allowing to facilitate brainstormings online and involving all team member equally. It allows to avoid travel and in-persons workshop costs as it works in a cloud. Therefore productivity of the project development can be increased within teams.

Mural offers online workshops for up to 50 persons, which costs only 12$/month with possible trial period.

More about Mural to be found here.



Conceptboard is a flexible canvas for brainstorming, capturing ideas, creating moodboards, plans and strategies that expand when new content is being added and easily can be used by teams online. It allows to work in real time and use video conferencing to discuss details, for instance, when prototyping some design. It is possible to transfer files from emails to conceptboards, so commenting and discussions become faster and more effective. For bigger convenience and centralization Conceptboard can integrate other digital tools the team uses, like Trello, Dropbox, TokBox, Google Drive etc.

One can create unlimited number of boards within Conceptboard for free, however more complex features, including larger storage, unlimited object per board etc., are available starting from 28.50 $/month per 3 users.

More about Conceptboard to be found here.

Additionally, one more simple digital tool can be used during the workshops and brainstorming sessions: TimeTimer is visual full-screen time tracker, that disappears as time elapses. TimeTimer is completely free of charge, which is nice considering quite expensive conventional time trackers.





Most of you have probably noticed the advantages of fast design creation with Canva tool, which brings relief to those not familiar with complex and expensive Photoshop-like design programmes. A poster, invitation, presentation, newsletter, flyer, social media header, collage, book cover or any other graphic material can de designed and shared with team mates in order to make collaborative improvements free of charge. It offers various templates and additional elements to operate with.

One of the feature it offers is creation of mind maps, which can be used as collage of ideas in brainstorming process or the final design of mind map, which is also sharable with others. A number of customizable templates, colours, icons and shapes are available for free and even more to upgraded users.

More about Mind Map from Canva to be found here.




Concept inbox is an online software created specifically for designers, which need to collaborate with their team and customers. It allows to improve the models and test those using prototypes without special knowledge on coding. Concept inbox automatically archives all project activities (changes), so it is easy to review the process of design. Concept inbox offers prototyping of apps, feedback collection (with notification system), real-time collaboration, apps and integration, like inbox for a desktop for easy access etc.

There are different pricing plans of Concept inbox starting from 14$/month: for design freelancers, small and mid-size companies. Single person can try out work on the project for free with certain limitation.

More about Concept Inbox to be found here.