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Gloucester Services is the first motorway service in England, that donates 3% of the financial turnover to local employment, job training, local communities and social initiatives. The social economic foundation Gloucestershire Gateway Trust, manages the donation.

The partnership between Westmorland Family and Gloucestershire Gateway Trust is a good example on how enterprises and non governmental organisations can create more value together than when working on their own.

Already back in 1994, the manager of Gloucestershire Gateway Trust, Mark Gale got the idea of creating a motorway service, that creates local jobs, but also a sustainable income to strengthen and support the local communities.

The local community was frustrated over the 28 million cars and 40 million people who passes Glouchestershire every year on the motorway M5, and creates noise, traffic problems and pollution. Instead Mark Gale, saw all the traffic as an oppertunity to develope the local community.

Therefore Mark developed the idea of a motorway service, that would take environmental considerations, create jobs for marginalized people and sell local goods and products.

on that time, The only english motorway service that shared Mark Gales vision about supporting local communities, was the motorway service company Westmorland Family. Mark gale and Gloucestershire Gateway Trust established a partnership with Westmorland Family and created Gloucester services, which opened in 2014.

The two partners has signed a contract for the next 20 years. It is expected that the partnership will provide a donation to Gloucestershire Gateway trust on 400.000 Pound each year. Already from 2017 the foundation has supported local community initiatives and social enterprises.

Gloucester services has become a popular destination for families in the local area and many buys the high quality local goods.

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