Cocco Bello produces organic creamed honey in a small village in the Ural mountains (Russia), where locals cultivate bees and hand-pick wild berries. Cocco Bello has won the Social Impact Award (Russia) for the project of revival of the small village and the great advocacy for social entrepreneurship.

The project contributes to developing the community Malyi Turish that is located 1500 km away from Moscow. The project already provides employment for more than 50 villagers, has built a playground for children and started a project to build a central water supply as well as to create a tourist site in Malyi Turish. In 2017 several volunteers from Europe and Africa have participated in the social camp in Turish.

Cocco Bello’s founder, Guzel Sanzhapova, promotes her shop through friends and locals. She often tells the story of her beekeeper-father and how he has provided employment for almost the entire village. She uses social networks and crowdfunding site Boomstarter to explain the humanitarian importance of local businesses.

Cocco Bello run one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in Russia, it has three rounds and collects almost twice than needed. In 2015 Lipton has granted Cocco Bello as a winner of Lipton Goodstarter platform.


More information in English is here, in Russian – here