Without a good captain the ship can not sail for deep water, and in world of social enterpreneurship we can say that without the right leadership social enterprise will not achieve neither business or social success.

Social enterprises as a very unique and specific companies demands also unique managment system, based on leadership combinating social and entrepreneurial spirit. Finding this combination is not an easy task but hopefully represenatives of World Economic Forum and The Schwab Foundation for Social Enterpreneurship perpared in 2014 a guidlines, a manual  on leadership in social enterprises which provides a practical tool “from social entrepreneurs for social entrepreneurs” to better cope with key leadership challenges and that it facilitates a fruitful exchange within the social enterprise community.

The publication can be downloaded here: leadership_in_social_enterprise_2014.compressed

Publication was prepared by The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship provides unparalleled platforms at the regional and
global level to highlight and advance leading models of sustainable social innovation. It identifies a select community of social entrepreneurs and engages it in shaping global, regional and industry agendas that improve the state of the world in close collaboration with the other stakeholders of the World Economic Forum.

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