Retoy is one of the growing social entrepreneurship initiative in Sweden that is a classic business case study. Retoy is an organization works with education and awareness about climate and social issues. Target group is kids.

Making a world a better place right from the beginning in learning. Retoy creates a game, in the game, everything is possible! Retoy use the magical power of play and create meeting places where children get to experience how fun it is to be environmentally friendly and learn more about their rights on the basis of the UN Convention .

Vision:  A loving world where adults and children are living in harmony with each other, nature and the climate.


♥ Loving presence:  Through play Retoy convey that everyone needs the presence, togetherness, development, love and freedom.

♥ Playful decisiveness:  In the game, everything is possible. Retoy create communities of prevailing social boundaries where children can play around that which unites; their rights and the environment. Without normative divisions, they may exercise their own power to change in a playful way.

♥ Glocal empathy:  Retoy remind children that they are citizens of the world. Retoy pay attention to the relationship of how everything is interdependent and how our actions affect the lives and future. Together it can be co-creators of a more loving world by showing solidarity with our fellow human beings and nature, both globally and locally.