Mamu muge (Moms’ Market) is a social enterprise from Vilnius, Lithuania. The company has been established in 2012 with primary purpose to support young families by optimising sale and donation of second hand clothing for children and other related goods, like cribs, footwear etc. Besides it also promotes sustainability and volunteering. Goods are sold several times a year in large warehouses. Over 25000 families have benefited from the activities of the enterprise annually.

Business model – Moms’ Market has created a software that enables anybody to print out labels and mark sellable children goods. Once the stuff arrives at the warehouse, the volunteers and staff of the company unpackages and hangs all the items for display. Once the market starts – it becomes the largest store of children related goods for the next 3 days in Lithuania. Markets are organised in Kaunas and Vilnius couple times a year. The company is scalable.

The revenues are being shared by the company which keeps the commission from every item sold to cover running costs, the owner of the stuff sold and a portion of revenues as well as some unsold items are given to the socially vulnerable families and single moms.

Moms’ Market is looking for partners in the neighbouring countries that would like  to franchise it’s business model and use already existing software to facilitate the whole process.

The team: