The GSEN is a new platform intending to facilitate collaboration between social entrepreneurs and to create more support for grass roots social entrepreneurs.  It will become a peer to peer support network for the incubation, development and growth of early stage social entrepreneurs support around the world.

GSEN brings organisations together to share what works in supporting social entrepreneurs. As a result, our members can provide higher quality support to social entrepreneurs – empowering even more of them to create lasting change in our world.

GSEN is a values led network:

  • We believe that every community and every country will find its own path to support social entrepreneurs
  • We believe that the sharing of methods, tools and results will contribute to strengthening social entrepreneurship in all countries
  • We act and learn from results to improve our approach
  • We believe that there are individuals everywhere who have the potential to make positive change in the world
  • We believe in the value of social entrepreneurs across the spectrum who bring about change from local to global levels
  • We put people at the heart of what we do, backing people first because it is people who lead ventures
  • We support people in their own ideas for improving their world, dedicated to peaceful paths to social and environmental improvement
  • We reach out and find people who can tackle the key issues facing society and the environment
  • We believe that people in communities which face problems are part of the solution and they are most likely to create the most relevant solutions
  • We are committed to respect and equal opportunity for all people of the world

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