SIX is  network focusing on social innovation. Our vision is that people all over the world can become better innovators by more easily connecting to their peers, sharing methods and exchanging solutions globally.

SIX was established in 2008, and incubated by the Young Foundation until 2013 when it became an independent organisation, with support from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, UK branch.

We work with governments, businesses, academics, funders, practitioners and leading social innovation intermediaries that support social innovation to accelerate the field of social innovation around the world. Simultaneously, we also seek to learn from the real people innovating in their own communities. By linking all these actors across sectors, fields and geographies, we can spread the most effective models more quickly.

Since March 2013, SIX has been governed by an Executive Board of leading social innovation experts from around the world. Our Global Council of leading social innovation organisations from across the globe provide us with core financial support, as well as guiding and directing the work of SIX.

Our mission is to help established social innovators to become better innovators by connecting peers, sharing methods and exchange solutions globally.

The members of SIX:

  1. Value social impact (rather than ideas)
  2. Celebrate solutions (more than heroes)
  3. Engage honestly (more than just inform)
  4. Inspire through action (not just words)
  5. Connect as peers (not in a hierarchy)
  6. Committed to openness (and welcome the unexpected).

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