Social entrepreneurship and social innovation both seek to improve the world through social change. Whereas social entrepreneurship revolves around the business side of change, social innovation focuses on the processes through which that change is generated. This textbook provides a comprehensive analysis of both topics, covering all the characteristics and elements of social innovation and social entrepreneurship, from a conceptual and practical perspective.

The book includes detailed chapters on:

  • Social Innovation: Origins, Defnitions, and Main Elements
  • Characteristics, Types, and Processes for the Construction of Social Innovations
  • Generation of Values by Social Innovations
  • Basics, Characteristics, and Differences of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Similarities and Differences Among Schools of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Characteristics of the Social Entrepreneur
  • Business Models of Social Enterprises
  • From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Social Innovation
  • Social Innovation from Companies: Social Purpose Business Models
  • Social Intrapreneurship, the Main Factor of Social Innovations Within Traditional Companies
  • Social Impact in Social Innovations: Defnition, Design, and Evaluation
  • Impact Investment, a Key Element in the Promotion of Social Innovation
  • Alignment of Social Innovation with Sustainable Development Goals

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