In 2022 EC adopted the Social Economy Action Plan, which you can read on EC’s website (link below) or find more info on our platform. There are also more great opportunities to come, including the ones targeting youth! Read the intro from the website!


Dearest friends of the European Social Economy community,

Last year ended up with the culmination of an amazing collective work to achieve the  Social Economy Action Plan (SEAP), which is now available in 23 EU official languages. However, more than a culmination, the launch of the Social Economy Action Plan marks a new beginning, full of opportunities for the social economy to scale up, grow, innovate and continue providing collective solutions to societal, economic and environmental challenges.

In this year 2022, the implementation of the Social Economy Action Plan begins, and Social Economy Europe is ready to play an active role alongside with its members, partners, and with the wider social economy community: all hands are needed to achieve the ambitious objectives of SEAP for the period 2021-2030.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Policy Academy

To be launched in 2022 with a focus on female and social economy entrepreneurship


Follow this website here and see the latest news once it will be launched! 




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