This is the fourth and final episode of the miniseries Finance4Good. In this episode we introduce the ideas of green and social washing from the perspective of investors, and how the EU try to tackle the issue through an EU Taxonomy and through global investment movements such as ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investing. The episode begins by introducing these concepts then in the first half of the episode we meet Léo Miranda, Marketing Director at La Nef, a French Ethical Bank who shares La Nef´s main priorities, and values and describes examples of how they ensure projects that they invest in are truly sustainable.

At 18 minutes 50 seconds. The second half of the episode explores the opinions of previous guests from the miniseries Donal Traynor of Community Finance Ireland, Piet Callens of Hefboom and Peru Sasia, President of FEBEA. They tell us what Green and Social washing mean to them, and how we can overcome these phenomena.

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Platform on Sustainable Finance draft report on a Social Taxonomy:

EU Taxonomy:

ESG Criteria:





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