We highly recommend reading the article by Martin Dahl – “The European Green Deal and the social market economy” published here: http://czasopisma.isppan.waw.pl/index.php/sm/article/view/1796


The European Green Deal is an attempt to transform the European Union’s economy in order to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. This is to counteract undesirable climate change and environmental degradation. In this context, an interesting question is whether the implementation of the European Green Deal is in line with the European Union’s model of the Social Market Economy. In order to be able to answer this research question, this study is divided into five parts. The first is an introduction to the analysed issues. The second part presents the basic assumptions of the European Green Deal. The third presents the most important assumptions of the Social Market Economy in the context of climate policy. The fourth part analyses the coherence of the European Green Deal with the model of the Social Market Economy. The study ends with a summary containing the conclusions of the conducted research.


Dahl, M. (2021). The European Green Deal and the social market economy. Sprawy Międzynarodowe74(3), 131-146. https://doi.org/10.35757/SM.2021.74.3.10



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