The youth will be the leaders of the country and the determinants of the continuity of government in the future. Malaysia now has many young entrepreneurs, but not all young entrepreneurs have basic knowledge in entrepreneurship and apply social entrepreneurship theory while running their businesses. The study’s findings show that the level of entrepreneurial literacy and the level of social entrepreneurship intention are both at a high level. While the regression test showed entrepreneurial literacy has a significant relationship and effect on social entrepreneurship intentions.

Based on this study’s findings, it is recommended that educational institutions emphasize the application of entrepreneurial knowledge in both curriculum and curriculum activities to improve the quality of students’ understanding of social entrepreneurship knowledge.

A positive and significant influence between entrepreneurial literacy and entrepreneurship intentions in students’ economic education is seen from the indicators of entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviors, business opportunities, and business aspects. In addition, students’ broader knowledge of entrepreneurship can influence their interest in entrepreneurship. In part, there is a positive and significant influence between financial literacy and entrepreneurial intent in economics education students seen as an indicator of general knowledge of finance, banking, insurance, and investment.

The high financial literacy possessed by the youth will increase their interest in entrepreneurship as the knowledge of managing finance personally and in the money management business is fundamental in ensuring the strength of the company. Moreover, social entrepreneurship emerges as a sustainable solution integrating financial or economic interests and social values.

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