This field guide has been developed in response to the specific needs of Social Enterprises and other stakeholders within the social economy. Design Thinking has been proven as a way to help businesses and organizations respond to customer needs with innovative and human centered solutions. The guide is organized within a bespoke, socially oriented design thinking framework, containing free to use tools for each section and instructions and links to other resources within the instructions for each tool. There is a section on training and facilitation for support agencies, VET’s and in-house design thinking trainers.


The Design Thinking Guide is for social enterprises. The guide will be useful for many levels of social enterprises, from social entrepreneurs or start-up social enterprises to larger, longer standing social enterprise who are looking to become more sustainable. The guide is also designed for NGOs and civil society organizations, consultants and advisers in the social economy and design thinking sectors. It includes a well-documented step-by-step path to introduce you into the logic of the design thinking phases and how they are applicable to the philosophy and the challenges of social enterprises.

Below you can see the introductory video, but to access the whole guide, please click HERE.


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