The Kuźnia cafe belongs to the network of social companies run by the Foundation for Social Innovation. It was established in 2012 as a place of first contact with work for young people from foster care facilities and other educational institutions aiming at young people at the risk of social exclusion run by the Gdańsk Foundation for Social Innovation. Here, through work, young people gain their first experience, develop and forge their professional fate. In the coffee shop, they have the opportunity to gain the first experience in customer service and teamwork, learn discipline, organization and all those qualities that future employers require.
The Kuźnia Cafe is a place with a soul and a unique atmosphere, combining history and tradition with modernity, created in a historic arcaded house built in 1800. For many years it was neglected and abandoned, but after renovation and under the constant care of the conservator of monuments, it regained its former glory. In the cafe, there are many items related to the subject of blacksmithing and old times. The most valuable is a framed photo of the last family of blacksmiths who lived in Kuźnia.
Users of the cafe services support the professional development program of young people and contribute to the implementation of the corporate social responsibility initiative.
In addition to food products, the cafe offers a Reading Corner, Musical Evenings and the opportunity to participate in art workshops.The Kuźnia cafe also has a seasonal point called Wozownia, located in the Oruński Park in Gdańsk.
The profit from both places is re-invested in care and educational institutions – homes for children.
Foundation for Social Innovation (FIS) is one of the most important Gdansk’ actors in the area of ​​social entrepreneurship. The Foundation was established to implement social and professional activation programs in the social enterprises it creates, where the profit is re-invested in supporting young people in a difficult life situation. Social enterprises created and run by FIS are a bridge introducing young people to the labour market.

Since 2012, FIS has been running a social enterprise – the “Kuźnia” cafe in Orunia, Gdańsk. In the cafe, as mentioned above,  they serve aromatic coffee, homemade cakes, desserts, etc. They also cater to special events and support artists in organizing exhibitions inside the atmospheric Forge. A charming cafe in the smallest arcaded house in Żuławy is forging young talents. T

In 2015, FIS launched and runs the first socially responsible hotel in Poland – So Stay hotel, located at ul. Kartuska 18 in Gdańsk. We presented this initiative here: In a three-star, intimate facility, they offer 17 comfortable, air-conditioned rooms, training rooms, and catering services in So Eat hotel restaurant. They prepare young people for workplaces in the hotel, i.e. cook, waiter, room service, reception service.

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