The Fair Earth Foundation is the UK registered charity, working to inspire individuals to take action and make the world a better, fairer place. The main aim is to alleviate poverty around the world. As the charity is not considered as the best option to do so, instead, the mission of Fair Earth Foundation is to empower disadvantaged people, providing the tools to enable them to stand on their own two feet and facilitate their own journey to becoming financially independent.

In 2021, the foundation is offering a number of volunteer, internship, activity package, and educational skills course programmes for young people from around the world! The offerings are available in 5 key programme areas: Sustainable Living, Creative: Film and Photography, Ecotourism, Enterprise and Conservation. A core focus throughout these programmes is to encourage people to be Global Citizens and take responsibility for their impact on environment, nature and society; both on local and global scales.

Sustainable Living
Projects Include: Fair Earth Foundation’s own experimental organic farm & network, ethical living conversations blog, natural product packs and knowledge library.
Creative: Film and Photography
Projects Include: The London Eco Film Festival, own Tenerife Programmes, Roger’s Kitchen, International Film Projects, Photo Library and Story Booklets.
Projects Include: Educational, Activity, Sport, Nature Guide Tourism, British Expedition Society, Earth Day Festival, Whale Watching Consortium and Tourism Websites.
Projects Include: Teide Challenge Fundraiser, Entrepreneurship Internships, True Fair Trading and Adoption Packs.
Projects Include: Art and Nature Programme, Global Citizenship, Cetacean (Photo ID, Land Based, Acoustics) and Plastic Research, Citizen Science/Outreach, the Atlantic Ocean Cetacean Network and our own Scientific Student Journal.


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