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24-26 February 2021 | online, Germany

Through this online training you will learn how to actively intervene in social dialogue and promote positive interaction. You will be trained on how to be a good Mediator, the power of Intercultural Mediation, culture and conflict.

Free Training Course: Intercultural Mediation as a Tool for Integration and Social Inclusion of Young (Vulnerable) People

Are a youth worker, an adult trainer or a community educator with or without migrant background and is your aim:

  • To enhance your training capacity in order to support the inclusion of local and migrant/refugee youth?
  • To be empowered and equipped with skills and knowledge in order to become a young mediator who reaches out young people at risk of marginalisation and radicalisation and acts as a multiplier of inclusion?
  • To learn how to use intercultural mediation as a tool for integration and social inclusion by intervening actively in the social dialogue and by promoting a positive interaction based on active and effective listening?
  •  To build your own self-confidence to work in blended learning environments?

Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V., a non-profit association that designs and implements educational activities based on non-formal learning methods, digital tools and online learning, gives you the opportunity within the framework of “PRIORITY- Promoting Open and Resilient Societies for Youth” Erasmus+ project, to take part in the free online training course entitled “Intercultural Mediation as a Tool for Integration and Social Inclusion of Young People”.

Training Course’s Topics

During this free 3-day online training workshop, which is provided in English and is based on the learning by doing training method, the following topics will be covered:

Module 1: How to be a good Mediator: non-formal education and the difference between formal and non-formal education. The role of a youth worker in social integration and inclusion. Qualities and competences a mediator should possess in the 21st century in order to support and promote inclusion and social integration successfully.

Module 2: The power of Intercultural Mediation: the meaning of intercultural mediation and its importance in preventing marginalisation and radicalisation of young people. Role-playing as a tool for inclusion.

Module 3: Culture and Conflict: the meaning of interculturality and of cultural shock, developing intercultural sensitivity in six steps, enhancing intercultural competences, obstacles to intercultural communication, using positive intercultural approaches by knowing the main sensitive areas and values and by reducing the impact of negative stereotypes.

Furthermore, participants will have access to additional learning resources through the website of PRIORITY’s project, that will support their deeper knowledge on the above-mentioned topics.


Read more and sign up: https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/european-training-calendar/training/intercultural-mediation-as-a-tool-for-integration-and-social-inclusion-of-young-vulnerable-people.9102/

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