In December 2020 the Spanish Ministry of Labour and Social Economy organised a summit in Toledo.

Nineteen EU member states have committed to promoting the social and solidarity economy through, during a summit organised by the Spanish Ministry of Labour and Social Economy.

The European confederation of industrial and service co-operatives (Cecop) welcomed the Toledo Declaration, as did Social Economy Europe.

The Toledo Declaration urges all EU member states, as well as European and international institutions and organisations, to raise awareness of the social and solidarity economy (SSE); to support ecosystems favourable to it; and to ensure the necessary financial support is in place to make it viable and sustainable.

It also includes recognition of the role of the SSE in the post-Covid-19 recovery, and contribute to its international expansion.

The Toledo Declaration is part of a series of political declarations adopted by EU member states in support of the SSE, which started with the Luxembourg Declaration in 2015. That was followed by the Bratislava Declaration (2016), the Ljubljana Declaration (2017), the Madrid Declaration (2017) and the Paris “Pact for Impact” Manifesto (2019).

Adopted by representatives of governments of France, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain, the Luxembourg Declaration recognised the SSE as a fundamental driver of the European and international political agenda.

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