REACH for Change has launched ′′ Toolkits ′′ with a set of tools for social entrepreneurs aimed at guiding and supporting more social entrepreneurs, even outside their incubator program.
Reach for Change Toolkits has been developed with support from the Innovation Agency Vinnova in Sweden and is a beta version of the platform.

The Reach for Change Toolkits has been developed based on 10+ years of experience in selecting, coaching and supporting social entrepreneurs as they have sought to improve the lives of children and young people in 18+ countries around the world. The Toolkit is a way to support more brave and passionate social entrepreneurs towards building sustainable social businesses, and support the larger ecosystem of social entrepreneurship.

The Reach for Change Toolkits is a platform for social entrepreneurs who are creating a positive social impact and can find guidance to support their entrepreneurial journey through the stages Proof of Concept and Scaling Readiness.

To access the Toolkits you register on The registration is free of charge. We are looking forward to testing the platform rigorously and to improving it further.