The HS Prekursor Social Cooperative was established on the initiative of the Wydminy Commune, (Warmia and Masuria region in North-East Poland) and the Forum NGO’S association. They operate in both the business and social areas since 2017.

HS Prekursor is a multi-industry cooperative dealing with:
– care services for the elderly in their place of residence (services are provided at the request of the Municipal Social Welfare Center);
– they run a school canteen and provide catering services for kindergartens and residents of the nursing home. Additionally, they offer delivery of lunches for private individuals. To meet the needs of older people, they guarantee free delivery of food to the place of residence.
– maintenance of gardens and greenery care services (we care for public space in Wydminy, and we also provide these services for private individuals)
– cleaning services (we clean offices, warehouses, summer houses etc.)
– advertising agency (we make printed mugs, graphic caricatures and other advertising gadgets, such as leaflets, banners, business cards).

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The cooperative provides its services mainly on behalf of the Wydminy Commune on the basis of permanent contracts concluded with it, as well as on behalf of private persons. Thanks to the fact that one of the founding members of the cooperative is the local government of the commune, we can constantly develop, we have a guarantee of constant income provided by contracts for individual services, and thus we can provide permanent jobs for people who are distant from the labour market in various ways.



Currently, the commune supports the cooperative, treating it as a partner in solving social problems such as unemployment, social exclusion, and ageing of the society. HS Prekursor bases their business development on the actual demand of the residents for the proposed services and the potential of our employees.
The main goal and mission of the HS Precursor Social Cooperative is the activation of the unemployed, socially excluded and disabled. They want people who are distanced from the labour market for various reasons, to get a chance to change their current lifestyle. Social Cooperative wants to use the potential of these people, give them development opportunities and create a social enterprise based on a strong and committed team. Currently, the cooperative employs 20 people under a contract of employment.


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