For all those of you who think about becomming a social entrepreneur , we highly recommend watching a very inspiring speach by Andy Stoll at TEDx UIowa:


Andy Stoll –  a Senior Program Officer at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, which is one of the largest entrepeneurship & education – support foundations in the world. A storyteller and connector-at-heart. He committed to social entrepreneurial work  where his main focus is innovation, creativity, community-building, cities and most of all turning ideas into reality. He is a co-founder of a community-building creativity- and social entrepreneurial-incubator  The James Gang and Seed Here Studio.

During his 4 year long trip around the world he explored entrepreneurial opportunities and had a chance to study communities, economies, different education systems, cultures, media industries and of course people.

For his public service and social entrepreneurial work Stoll has been nationally recognized  by such organizations as Rotary International, The American Institute of Public Service and The Harry S. Truman Foundation.

Stoll is also a global facilitator for an initiative called Startup Weekend, which is a 54-hour event organized in more than 500+ cities worldwide, to give anyone that chance to try entrepreneurship.

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