Buy Social for a Better World is a campaign which draws attention to social enterprises, highlighting their incredible impact. We encourage youth all around the Baltic Sea Region to engage and take part, learn more about the concept and help to build a better world by Buying Social in their area.  

Social enterprises are organisations that create social or environmental impact through innovative products and services. They often employ people who have significant barriers to mainstream employment. The campaign that was launched in October 2019 in the UK by the Social Enterprise UK is a great example that can be spread to other regions. Their message was short, simple and straightforward – when you Buy Social, it creates a positive impact.


Check the promo clip:

The campaign lasted for a week and proposed the 5-steps approach, including awareness-raising, social media buzz and attention and presenting the local social economy entities offering their goods and products that make a positive social impact. We often see that young consumers are especially interested in buying social goods. They have a greater awareness of their rights and more rational attitude to the market offers. What they would need, is clear info on which product deserves their attention. That is why the campaign proposed also the “Buy Social” badge to be used by the producers and service providers who wish to draw attention to their positive social impact.



We all know, that one of the ways to attract youth is to engage the celebrities. Buy Social campaign is no different! They were supported by Hollywood star, Michael Sheen, author and activist Caitlin Moran, actor and comedian Chris Addison and writer Sali Hughes, who has released a series of films as part of an augmented reality experience tied into the broader campaign.


See how Michael Sheen, Chris Addison, Caitlin Moran and Sali Hughes explain ‘Social Enterprise’


And here:

What can I do? Buy Social!

You can also show your support for your local social enterprises by buying from them! I.e. in Poland, in the Pomorskie region where BISER operates as the InDigiSE Erasmus+ project partner, we have a tool helping you find the products coming from the social enterprises. Social Economy Support Centre OWES „Dobra Robota” prepared two catalogues filled with info on local SE companies and service providers, who make a positive impact while running their business. You can find it here: So far its in Polish only. So if you are from Poland, we encourage you to get to know more about the local SE products and services that you can use at home or in your business.


We also recommend another exciting initiative – SPOKO gift boxes. SPOKO is a new project on the social and business market created out of the need to help others and support the activities of non-governmental organisations that engage in the creation of the social economy sector. The gift sets we offer are minimalistic and ecological boxes. In each of them, we have packed the highest quality products manufactured by local suppliers and artisans. We already presented their offer here:


If you wish to find out more about our newest youth-oriented InDigiSE project click here:

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