Tøyen Unlimited is a neighborhood incubator that supports local enthusiasts with innovative ideas, in solving local social challenges, through the establishment and continued operation of revenue generating companies with ideal form and social purpose. TU is thus an investment in location-based social entrepreneurship.

Tøyen Unlimited’s point of departure is that solutions to the challenges in a neighborhood just exist among the inhabitants of the local community in question. The incubator was initiated as part of the area lift Tøyen and has since become an independent organization with a residence in Aktivitetshuset K1 on Tøyen, Oslo (Norway).

Neighborhood incubator

A neighborhood incubator is both a physical workplace, a knowledge center, and a learning community where residents with a desire to create a better (local) community gain access to resources, networks, and a collective of other change creators. It is an arena for idea development where the first building blocks of their social enterprise are laid.


Unlimiters are social entrepreneurs who receive support in the form of a Try It, Do It, or Build It package that follows the journey to social entrepreneurship from idea, to pilot project, and on to scaling. The packages include a local place to work with other Unlimited, public and private sector networks, personal follow-up and mentoring, and financial support.




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