Hey social entrepreneur! Are you already using the power of social media to maximise the do-good-work you’re doing? If not, take up these tips and power up your impact!
  1. Network with the like-minded organizations

This is what our site is all about! Find organizations from our database, join their online channels and discussion groups, like their pages, invite them to like yours back, and start discussions. The more collaboration the merrier.

  1. Connect with donors.

Social media is perfect for contacting people without knocking anyone’s door directly or via their crowded e-mails? Perhaps you can find some ideas where to find them, through the support organizations as well?

  1. Share your impact facts and figures

Bring credibility to all your communications, also in social media. Graphs, infographs, charts and creative images are perfect for gaining attention. Pictures might say more than words.

  1. Share stories

Great stories tap into our feelings. Also a great way to get attention to your work! Be brave – people love it! But remember to be ethical, always, and more so if the stories are about vulnerable people.

  1. Promote your events

Social media is THE place for this. Even if not everyone fits into the event itself, they know something is happening and you’re on your good work!

  1. Let your “call to action” show!

What is it that you want people to do, to maximise your impact? Be clear about it – and attach this message to everything you share in social media. Let the crowds know.

  1. Show your gratitude to your communities

People love when they are thanked. It makes the feel good. Do this often – in public.

  1. Give voice to your customers

After all, it’s all about them, isn’t it? Social media is perfect for person-to-person messages – use it for your own good as it enhances your ability to spread the good.


  1. Gather feedback

Social media is also THE place to gather data. If you don’t know how to do this yourself, buy help. Data is wisdom, also in social impact business.


Happy social media impact journey!


Sourced and inspired by: 9 ways to use social media for good by Rochella Ceira


Photo by Adam Jang on Unsplash