Snjallræði: Startup Social is the first Icelandic accelerator for social innovation, and this is the second time the speed accelerator has been held. The eight winning teams selected to participate this year presented their own solutions to many of today’s biggest challenges on 28 November 2019.

The teams participating were:

Rót­in / The root : Establish a support centre for women and establish cooperation between institutions, organizations and other professionals involved in drug treatment for women, domestic violence and trauma treatment.

Tré lífs­ins / Tree of Life: The Tree of Life intends to offer new options for death so that people can record their history and other wishes for death.

Dattaca Labs – Innovation Platform: Input challenges of various kinds in a database with the purpose of linking individuals, companies, organizations etc. with the right people who see the challenges as an opportunity for solutions.

EyCO: offers innovative and customized solutions for individuals and companies to reduce their carbon footprint for their own business and daily life.

abcLig­hts / Community Greenhouses: The project Greenhouses is about designing and constructing greenhouses in the kindergartens of the country, where children play and plant. It spun off from the ABC Lights project, which is about designing greenhouse and light-controlled lighting for greenhouses that will save producers, consumers and the economy hundreds of millions of dollars a year, strengthen food production and protect the environment.

Plogg­In is a system designed to help planners, outdoor enthusiasts and environmentalists who regularly pick up garbage along with exercise, to organize their work.

The GreenBytesA solution where sales data, algorithms and machine learning are utilized to reduce food waste in restaurants and at the same time increase their profits.

Rephaiah: The goal of Rephaiah is to set up a nonprofit organization that aims to produce essential medicines for young children in Malawi.

You can watch the live stream from the presentations here. Most presentation are in Icelandic, some in English.