Entrepreneurship or charity? To make profit or to save the world? To think about yourself or to help others? Social entrepreneurship says a confident “yes” to all of these questions, by showing that with a huge determination and a creative approach we can do much more than we think we can.

Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia has issued new informative material on social entrepreneurship in Latvia: Social Entrepreneurship: how to create positive change? (you can access the full document here)

The material includes an in-depth analysis of the legislative regulation of this form of entrepreneurship, information on the process of obtaining the status of a social entrepreneur as well as the monitoring and control of the business after this status has been granted. Moreover, this informative material offers a chance to learn about the available support mechanisms and investment options for the social enterprises.

The informative material includes such sections as:

– The legal regulation of the social entrepreneurship in Latvia;

– What should be the social goals of the business?;

– Criteria for obtaining the status of a social enterprise;

– What benefits and support mechanisms for the social enterprise are foreseen in the law?;

– Are there any restrictions for the social businesses that should be taken into consideration?;

– What are the risk groups of social exclusion?;

– Obtaining the status of social enterprise, the monitoring and control of this status;

– The work of the Commission of the  Social entrepreneurship;

– How to measure social impact?;

– How to create social business model canvas?;

– Support and investment options for the social businesses.

As well as other practical and useful information for anyone who thinks about starting a social enterprise or wants to develop an already existing business.