November 21 is Social Enterprise Day. The day is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week and it is a day with focus on social enterprises and their impact in the whole world.

On the day a global digital campaign, which has been designed to give social enterprises the chance to tell their stories and show the impact of their work.


Social Enterprise Day is a concept launched by the English organisation Social Enterprise UK. The day has been celebrated in England and a few other countries for some years, on the Thursday during the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

In 2017 Social Enterprise Day went global. Social Enterprise UK, The British Council and Social Entrepreneurs of Denmark (SED) took initiative to expand Social Enterprise Day in 2017 and involve more countries. Social Enterprise Day in 2017 managed to involve 23 countries across the world attended, and in 2018 27 countries joined the campaign.
The vision for 2019 is to create an even greater international focus on social enterprises.
Both social enterprise, support-organisation and individuals all over the world can help reach that goal by getting involved in the campaign this year.
Taking part is very easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download your editable sign on Social Enterprise UK´s webpage for the day here
  2. Write your message and take a photo! This can be of you, people that you work with, your staff team or a picture of the product or service from your or another social enterprise
  3. Once you’ve taken your photo share it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram on Thursday 21st November using #SocialEnterpriseDay and #WhoKnew
  4. There’s no limit to the amount of photos and posts you can share.
  5. Your images will then be added to a global album hosted on Flickr and Facebook

Organisations and social enterprises are welcome to host physical events and activities on Social Enterprise Day. This could be open day events, conferences, presentations etc.. Social enterprises can also make special offers on products.

Find more info and material at Social Enterprise UK´s webpage for Social Enterprise Day 2019 here



Pictures from #SocialEnterpriseDay 2017 (From Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ECT.)