Social entrepreneurs are also known as change makers. Why? What makes a social entrepreneur a change agent? To facilitate change because of the necessity that it implies, social entrepreneurs are purpose and results driven.


Change makers

To make change happen is an interesting concept unto itself. Social entrepreneurs are activists at heart. Where they actively create a movement where the impetus of their actions and focused delivery brings about change for the greater good: environment, social and ethical.


Would you define yourself as a change maker or a change agent?

Begin to look at your life and your journey thus far. Have you inspired others through your actions or just through being who you are in your everyday interactions? Do you notice people behaving differently after they’ve had a conversation with you in the way they may approach something or how they look on the environment and their local community. Or a subtle change in how they see themselves: internal change is often the greatest point of creating a life changing experience and hence a ripple effect change in their immediate environment.


Maker of ideas into realities

To make or create, to actively pursue something is key in the change maker’s constitution. It’s building something: an idea into a sustainable entity called a business. What is being made is directly related to the change: the product itself is change. As with any change desired to be experienced, there is a way to measure its effectiveness through business tools such as KPI (key performance indicators)  or SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) goals.


Building a movement of change

A change maker knows it cannot achieve its objectives as an island unto itself. It requires like minded impassioned individuals to partner with and work towards the same common purpose. Change makers are leaders who actively fulfill the role of “being the change one wishes to see” (Ghandi). They exemplify the qualities that inspire others to partake in an active role by becoming change makers themselves.


I’m currently reading a book: The Young Activist’s Guide to Building a Green Movement + changing the world” by Sharon J. Smith . It is indeed a guide, very clearly defined to the smallest level of detail what to consider in your process of change. With a business mind, you would see this as a well described project plan from SMART goals to measurement, from marketing to engagement, from team building to a sustainable business model. What this book also includes are stories of young activists, who despite their age have created tremendous inspiring effects for their communities, and in some cases for the entire country (USA). If there is one thing to take away from this book its: no matter your age, no matter your circumstance, you can be a change maker. This book simply gives the road map, but the drive to make the well defined script come to life through the active participation of individuals who ‘care to make a difference.’


The hero’s journey

The call to change of walking the path of the silver lining is as much the journey of the change maker who actively pursues his purpose of being a change maker. The values that serve as his compass are the tools by which the purpose (SMART goals) is actively pursued through each step of the silver lining path.

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash