“It is impossible to plan everything for the journey ahead so go with your gut and navigate while driving”

Name: Gustav Bratt
Position: CEO of Giggle.se

What is your connection to SSES, and how has it influenced or affected your journey?
As SSE alumni we were eligible to apply for the SSES Fellowship and we’ve definitely had a good experience. First of all we got access to the office space equipped with everything you need to get going. Secondly, the environment and the open co-working space gave us several startup-colleagues to learn from and share experiences with.

What advice would you give those just starting out as entrepreneurs?
Think less and do more. This is probably one of the most common advice you can give but it can’t be stressed enough. Especially for me as a person that’s leaned towards the more analytical side. It is impossible to plan everything for the journey ahead so go with your gut and navigate while driving. And of course, always be close to your customers. Just doing lots of things creating products that no-one asked for creates a good feeling when ticking boxes in the task manager but runs the risk of becoming an illusion.

How would you describe your company and what is your vision?
Giggle started out as a platform for connecting employers with temporary workers (gig-workers) to facilitate the emerging so-called “gig-economy”. After several months we started to realize a much bigger, overall problem in the recruitment and staffing industry. Companies that are looking to hire often lack proper knowledge in recruiting and are very confused in how they should go about it. Should they hire consultants or employ themselves? Should they do their own recruiting or go look for a headhunter? If choosing to hire a recruiter, which recruiter to hire for this specific vacancy?

Today our service is helping companies to choose the right recruiter at the right recruitment agency, tailored for their specific need and the role they’re looking to hire. Our customers approach us with their situation and we connect them with recommended top recruiters. It only takes a few minutes and is completely free of charge.

The long-term vision is to transform the foggy recruitment industry, to increase efficiency and transparency for customers, to develop the best recruitment solution for them – only a click away. This is achieved by becoming a one-stop shop for recruitment, housing all the best job platforms, recruiting tools and staffing – and recruitment agencies in the industry, where all recommendations are powered by historic market data.

What do you think the world needs more of?
Better knowledge of ourselves, our brains and what truly makes us happy and gives us peace of mind.

What’s your favorite word, and your definition of it?
“Herli”. A version of the word härligt but with an enhanced meaning that can be applied to all situations to put you in a good mood.

You’re stranded on a desert island with the one thing you need most to found a successful startup. What is that one thing?
My coach Alex Carabi. By asking the right set of questions he makes me challenge my own goals, beliefs and behaviour to see more clear and excel in all areas. See what really drives you and approach all those interesting but equally scaring opportunities. Reach out to him and I’ll promise you, you’ll have a good ride through your own brain and consequently through your personal/professional development.

You find yourself suddenly walking up on stage to your own TED talk, without any preparation. What do you talk about?
Happiness, self-esteem, coaching and mental health. Not that I know much about it but the power of emotional mastery has definitely caught my attention and there is so much to do in this area.

Source: https://www.sses.se/stories/giggle/

More: https://www.giggle.se/