There has long been a lack of tools, that can help assess the economic, social and environmental impact of social enterprises. SAMforSE is particularly developed to meet this need.

The tool is designed to help identify strengths and successes, but also to highlight areas where improvements can be made in terms of being sustainable and successful over time.

SAMforSE focuses on insight and planning instead of relying on general strategies, that the company grows or scales in the right direction or, that it gains effect by improving the lives of customers and target group’s.

The tool is developed by Siemens Stiftung in cooperation with the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA).

The actual evaluation tool consists of some introductory remarks, 11 questionnaires from different evaluation areas, that can be used to assess companies and organizations as well as an overall evaluation.

The areas for selfassesment are:

Mission & Vision, Finansielle ressources, Organisation, Marketing & Sales, Value Chain Integration & Networking, Innovation, Scaling, Riscmanagement, Etichs and responsibility, Social and environmentalimpacts and assessment analyses.


SAMforSE suggest that social entrepreneurs, who wish to use the tool, that they make an honest assessment of their business or organization based on the guidance within each evaluation area and pay close attention to whether this is a “strong” area, or area that “needs improvement”.

On SAMforSE´s website there is also a “Help & Support” section where you can ask for personal coaching.

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