WORTH aims to create cross-border and cross-discipline collaborations between designers, crafters, SME manufacturers, tech-firms and start-ups across EU-28 and COSME countries, to develop unique and high-end products in the following sectors: fashion and textile, footwear, fur and leather, furniture and home decoration, accessories and jewellery. WORTH is about creating transnational partnerships and supporting design-driven projects/ideas, wherein the added value strongly lies in design concepts by integrating disruptive techniques and/or technologies in a creative way. 25 innovative projects were awarded during the first call and up to 150 projects will be supported until 2021. WORTH is funded by the European Union through the programme EASME-COSME.

Who can apply?
Every creative person, designer, artisan, startup, technology company and SME manufacturer from the fashion and lifestyle industries consumer goods industries including fashion/textile, footwear, furniture/home decoration, leather/fur, jewelry and accessories, who is actively looking for new opportunities to exploit ideas and fashionable concepts with a high degree of innovation, disruption, integration of new technologies and design, could apply to be a part of WORTH Partnership Project by submitting their idea or project proposal.

Apply here: http://www.worthproject.eu/register/