Recent exploration on worldwide known educational platform Coursera has lead to discovery of some valuable resources, which might help social entrepreneurs in defining the social impact of their social and commercial activities. As it is not always clear what to measure, how to measure and how to communicate the impact, there are some video interviews prepared by Copenhagen Business School and available for you.

In these videos you will learn about Social Impact Assessment. Hence you will be able to develop a method to evaluate the social mission that you achieve while implementing your business plan. You will learn how to outline an appropriate communication strategy for your social enterprise and will demonstrate how to market your products and services to beneficiaries and other customers. To accomplish that you will employ an adaptable communication strategy as you move from “early adopters” to a broader market share. Furthermore you will determine growth strategies and how you can scale or replicate your business plan internationally in order to reach a larger number of beneficiaries. In particular you will discuss organic growth, social franchising, and an open source approach. Finally, you will evaluate exit strategies. Thus you will review options social enterprises have when they need to finance their growth, but the original funders can not or do not want to finance the expansion.








This is a Part 3, which follows first two Modules of the course prepared by Kai Hockerts from Copenhagen Business School:

  1. Identifying Social Entrepreneurship Opportunities

  2. Social Business Model and Planning for Social Innovation

To get access to the rest of the course, visit: 7 days trial is available to view the materials.

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