Choosing and developing a business model for your social enterprise is not always easy and straight forward.  So sometimes it can be helpfull to utilize some of the tools that are available.
Models of Impact: The Business Model Design Game can be a useful tool. It is a role-playing and ideation game, that makes it easy (and fun!) to generate new, sustainable, business models.
The game includes easy-to-understand instructions for gameplay, a glossary of 200+ business models, and a suite of other helpful resources.

The basis of the game is an interactive map, that highlights over 100 brands, and documents over 45  business models from product and service-oriented business industries to reveal the the underlying systems that make sustainable impact achievable.
The game Model of Impact takes players through four steps  in order to simulate the process of ideating and launching a social enterprise:
1) Learn
A glossary of 200+ models to help you successfully understand the landscape.

2) Invent
The step-by-step instructions help players come up with new ideas quickly so brainstorm can more effectively.

3) Program
The game is not just about ideation. Using the various templates and worksheets helps players take their idea forward.

4) Report.

Players can share their  businessplan and get feedback to either start implementing, or to improve their concept.

Models of Impact is built upon the observation, that neither a revenue model (that is a sustainable way to earn money) or an impact model  (that is a sustainable way to create impact in the world) works very well on their own in the long run. A business only build on an Impact model might face the necessity of money to sustain an organization.  Businesses only build on a Revenue model face the chance of experiencing burnout due to a lack of purpose in their day-to-day work.
Models of Impact aims to empower players to combine impact and revenue, so they may generate new and sustainable business concepts.

Models of Impact can be downloaded on a “pay-what-you-want” basis. The people behind do not expect any compensation for their resources/materials, as they want the material to be as accessible as possible to anyone and everyone. But if you are able to contribute, it will be greatly appreciated. All profits are invested back into the project, and will be used toward producing even more resources.

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