The Association for Finnish Work, which governs the Finnish social enterprise mark has researched which are the indicators for a responsible company, and what kind of issues annoy Finnish people in business. According to the research, the most important indicators for the responsible company are environmental responsibility, valuing Finnish work, and openness (transparency) of the company’s actions. The most annoying issues related to indifference to employees, tax avoidance and management rewards and benefits.

Over 50% of Finnish people thought that environmental responsibility is the most important indicator of a responsible company. Ages 18-24 raised equal working community into higher in importance than the rest age groups. Valuing Finnish work was mentioned by 44% of the respondents, while one third thought the openness of the company’s actions are a sign of a company’s responsibility.

The most annoying issue about enterprise actions was thought to be indifference to employees (42% of the respondents), tax avoidance (38% of the respondents) and management rewards and benefits (32% of the respondents). Especially women were annoyed by indifference to employees and the environment, as well as inequality in work places.

The association of Finnish Work wanted to study the indicators for a responsible company and the annoying aspects in business, as part of its’ “Let good companies become visible” campaign, which will launch 13.8.2018. The campaign is part of the aim to make social enterprises known to wider audience and let their business for good show.

Finnish Social Enterprise Mark is meant for companies that produce solutions to environmental or social problems. These companies use most of their profit for enhancing their social mission. There are currently over 200 such enterprises in Finland, with a total turnover of 4 billion euros and over 17 500 employees.

“Let good business become visible” campaign is a cooperation with the Association of Finnish Work, and the following social enterprises: Akordi, Caritas Palvelut, Coxa, EnviroVet, Helsingin Diakonissalaitoksen säätiö, Honkalampi-säätiö, Kaunialan Sairaala, KVVY Tutkimus, Psykoterapiakeskus Vastaamo, Puuinfo, Sexpo-palvelut, Sotek-säätiö and Tays Sydänsairaala.


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Niina Ollikka, Brand Manager, Suomalaisen Työn Liitto,