The buzz is steadily increasing about tools that measure the impact of social enterprises and standardized metrics for assessing social, economic, and environmental impact. However, there are currently no easily applicable tools for social entrepreneurs to measure their businesses in this way. SAMforSE has been specially created to cover this gap.

SAMforSE is a tool specifically developed for the needs of social entrepreneurs. It is geared toward the ecosystem and business model of social enterprises. The tool is designed to help identify your strengths and successes but also to highlight areas where there is room for improvement when it comes to sustaining success over time. The tool focuses on insights and planning rather than relying on some general strategies that your enterprise is growing or scaling in the right direction, or achieving impact by improving the lives of customers.

How to use SAMforSE?

The self-assessment manual consists of some introductory remarks, eleven questionnaires from different evaluation areas for assessing your business and organization, an overall assessment.

The evaluation areas for your self-assessment are:

Mission & VisionMake an honest assessment of your business or organization based on the prompts in each evaluation area. Base your assessment on how each prompt applies to your business or organization: is this a “strong” area, an area that you are “tracking,” or an area that “needs improvement”?


Before starting self-assessment, remember to:

  • Be honest to yourself, it’s all about your own evaluation and learning;

  • Read the introductory notes carefully;

  • Consider that some evaluation areas might not be important for your current business;

  • Outstanding resp. weak results in several areas of the evaluation do not automatically guarantee that your organization is a success resp. a failure;

  • Keep in mind that the application to the personal coaching program is independent from your self-assessment results.

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Are you satisfied with your results, or is there some room for improvement? If you see some areas you’d like to work on, please have a look at the “Help & Support” section or apply for a personal coaching program (our voucher-program).