Three effective messaging tools are presented this time for you to try and make communication within your teams faster, more interactive and effective. Less known than Slack or Trello, however not less effective and to some even more attractive – these are Chanty, Cisco Webex Teams and Fleep, which keep distant teams together, integrate and share.


Chanty is a business messenger, positioned as an alternative to Slack, one of the most known project management and communication tools. Similarly to its main competitor, Chanty integrates with common devices and let one to connect to multiple sources from one place. With this tool it possible to monitor activity from services like Google Drive, Twitter, Salesforce, Jira, Stripe and others, as well as receive notifications and structure the information.

For now beta version of Chanty is available for free, offering workflow and team collaboration features. It is possible to make collective decisions, create polls, transform discussions into workflows, store files and coordinate tasks by assigning team members.

Extremely useful features of the software are team audio and video calls, which can be made directly from the chat. Voice messages can also be sent with voice transcripts, providing with text version of the message and therefore allowing to increase the efficiency of communication. Chanty is able to save one’s time on predicting responses by offering relevant answers to choose from.

Moreover, the app has unlimited message history, which is searchable in case one misses the information. Filesharing supports documents, images, PDFs, spreadsheets and other file formats, using drag & drop function. The presence of emojis makes it more attractive, but “@mentions” allow to stress out significant information related to concrete persons and send them notifications. Through the settings notifications can be managed by each individual user.

Read more about Chanty here.



Cisco Webex Teams is an app for continuous teamwork with group messaging, video meetings, file sharing and white boarding. It allows to share the content, multimedia, presentations and entire screen with remote attendees in real-time. Shared files can be easily found right alongside the conversation stored in a cloud. Instant messaging is easy to follow up in Cisco Webex Teams, as the messages can be responded right away of flagged for follow up later. Also, information security can be managed, allowing moderators to lock the spaces. Additional features integrate Webex with other popular digital tools, for instance, Box, Google Drive, Twitter, Trello, Zendesk etc.

Integrated with Arkadin audio conferencing, Webex Teams is an ultimate online solution for audio, web and video collaboration. Team members can join the meeting with one click, without waiting for hosts to start the meeting. Additionally Webex offers sets of devices, like Webex whiteboards or video systems for rooms and desktops, for those, who value the quality of meetings.

Depending on the number of people involved in a team work, Webex offers different price plans for groups of up to 8, 25 or 100 people. More info can be found on the website.


Fleep is a web-based messaging tool, created by former “Skypers” to fill in the gap between email and instant messaging applications. It integrates with email and allows receive emails within this app even from those, who are not registered in Fleep. The advantage of this app hides in an opportunity to communicate across organisations and regardless of team set up, so the user can be part of different teams. Even those, who are not user of fleep can participate.

Fleep also offers to store files in a cloud, share and use them from any device. Different to-do tasks can be created and managed within Fleep in order to keep people on track, as well as important messages can be pin to know where to find relevant message or what task to do. Admins functions are also available, as business communication needs to be managed. Fleep is not just another instant messaging app, as it is positioned as a viable alternative to email conversations. Fleep ID of a person looks like email address, however it is just email compatible.

Read more about Fleep here.