Karolina Fund is a startup company from Iceland. They are the winners of the Nordic Startup Awards 2016 (Social Tech) and co-founders of the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance.

Karolina Fund aims to become a next generation crowd sourcing and crowd funding community. Our mission is to connect ideas, funds and talent to make creative projects possible that individuals can’t do alone.”

In the spring of 2016 they started offering their award winning solutions under the name Karolina Engine where other countries could adopt the Icelandic crowdfunding model and bring it “home”. So far Karolina Engine have assisted crowdfunding platforms Slovenia, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

As a social enterprise, they started small and local, where they now have 10% of the Icelandic population actively involved in their platform. From the start they were clear and open with regards to the impact they were creating through their platform. Just by visiting their home page you have an instant access to their impact metrics.


(Image of metrics taken on 25 May 2018)

They have embedded their local know how in the Karolina Engine where they “understand the value of being local, both within and across national boundaries.” A wonderful model of local going global with a local twist.