“Know Your Impact: Social Impact Management Tools for Young Social Entrepreneurs” is the project lead by Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF), that works as a research and practice centre on social impact in Turkey. The activities of organisation are focused on social impact measurement and creation of collaborative networks among civil society, public and private entities.

To enlarge the positive impact of social entrepreneurs  and help them to succeed KUSIF in collaboration with Estonian Social Entrepreneurship Network, Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting and Social Value International has created a guide for social entrepreneurs, which describes accountability of stakeholders, correct data collection for design of products and services and the concept of “impact thinking”as a basis of social change. “Maximise Your Impact. A Guide for Social Entrepreneurs” is the intellectual output of two years project that educates and recommends on how to report the impact to founders, other stakeholders, as well as make them know how data is being used in order to inform change.

Download “Maximise Your Impact” publication here or read it on the website.