Being a social innovator means to think about the future – own, community’s and whole society’s welbeing of next decades. The only way social innovator can be prepared to tackle with future challenges is to accumulate knowledges, skills and competences here and now and form the future innovator and community wants to live in. Simply! Really?

Let’s take a look!

Tomorrow’s Land is a project aimed at developing the next generation of social innovators fully capable of influencing and contributing to the development of a better, more inclusive and innovative society. The project is co-created by partners from 6 European countries  – United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Germany and Latvia, thus contributing with different perspectives on future of social innovation in collaborative economy.

The Strategic Foresight is project’s First Intellectual Output, which consists of 2 main parts: bsr

    Learning framework – designed to evaluate the needs of social innovators on a personal development level, identifying key competences, skills, talents and knowledge, purpose and interests, as well as mind-set, passion and values.

    The Map of Tomorrow’s Land – defines 8 insights, distinct areas to help social innovators to route their future actions.

To discover more, read full Strategic Foresight HERE.