There are many proven way how a slightly tired social entrepreneur can get new inspiration and ideas. One of those methods is to look at international examples of social entrepreneurship. Sometimes these are mind-blowing examples of social innovation. In other cases, a reader feels that (s)he can do much better in own country.

Here are two examples of on-going social enterprise / social venture competitions. Their finalists´ lists will definitely provide food for thought for Baltic Sea Region social entrepreneurs.


DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia Awards has 12 finalists with a great diversity of target group and business models, e.g.:

  • enabling people and communities to unlock the therapeutic power of music easily, 24 / 7, at a low cost, regardless of age, culture, abilities, or disabilities;
  • reducing the rate of cardiac arrest in developing countries with an affordable, reliable hand-cranked defibrillator that runs independently of an external power source;
  • using innovative organic products with global appeal – “Jasberry rice” – to alleviate farmer poverty in Thailand.

The UK Social Enterprise Awards includes categories like “UK Social Enterprise of the Year”, “One to Watch Award” and “Social Impact Award”. In addition to social enterprises, their cooperation partners and clients are recognized, e.g. by “‘Buy Social’ – Market Builder Award”.

May those examples serve as your inspiration!