As many of us are in a real holiday mood and occasionally  the sun is giving us its best shines – I thought it wise to remind us about the fact that Winter is Coming.  Meaning: all the seminars, trainings and events that start taking place right after the holiday season and will give us a lot of energy, new skills and networks to do what ever is we feel very much passionate about.

This forthcoming autumn I’d especially recommend the entrepreneurship event Slush and its impact track, which is perfect for social entrepreneurs. Slush is held in Helsinki and will have about 15 000 attendees. There will be around 1700 startups and 800 investors present.  The philosophy behind Slush has stayed the same even though the event has  grown dramatically from its beginning, Slush’s idea is still “to help the next generation of great, world-conquering companies forward”.

Even though Helsinki and Finland is probably giving its best shot to offer our season’s greetings (= slush and some darkness), Slush will definitely be The Place To Be.

So book these dates in your calendar and see you @ Slush!
3oth of November – 1st of December, Helsinki.

The first version of the program will be published in September. Stay tuned and follow this website for more info and to book your tickets (you can already book your early bird tickets for a much lower price):