Case study No.2 –  Samaritan Association of Latvia. The Samaritan Association of Latvia (LSA) is a voluntary action oriented public benefit organization that has a slogan „Help to live”. The Samaritan Association of Latvia is well-known due to its numerous unique projects and services. The Samaritan Association is a certified social service provider, medical and educational institution. LSA is supported by the government cooperating with it and municipalities.  One of the best cooperation examples is a service called „Samaritan support at home”, where a specifically equipped car is used as a portable health and social care center. The car is equipped with everything that has to be available at a modern care center –  shower, WC, washing machine, built-in gas stove and sink, as well as a personal care centre, including  hairdressing and podiatry services, which is an issue in most of the Latvian local governments. Another cooperation service with municipalities is called „Safety button”, where a person can report any health or socially related problem immediately to the central care unit. The main form of cooperation between the local governments and LSA can be characterised as provided outsource social and health services, while signed outsource agreements ensure efficient work of these social services. As far as many local governments do not have the capacity to ensure such kind of services, thus, not only social groups at risk but also local community benefits from the cooperation with this social enterprise.

The organisation has been nominated with  finalist for 2015 European Social Innovation Competition. See service below:

Samaritan Mobile Care Complex (services to seniors in remote areas)