ByBi is a danish social enterprise based in Copenhagen, that produces honney products.
The company was established in 2010 as an association. Today the company employes 10-12 people.
ByBi cooperates with more than 50 companies, and since 2010 ByBi has moved 15 million bees up on rooftops in Copenhagen.

The compagny produce honney and other products based on honney. ByBi rents beehives to the city’s businesses and afterwards ByBi takes care of everything else.

Bybi believes that their production should enrich both society and environment.

That’s why the company work with social organisations to create new opportunities in beekeeping and honey production for homeless and long term unemployed within ByBis honey industry.

The company makes sure that the bees pay as much as possible back to the businesses that rent biihives.  The rent agreement includes an inspiring CSR package, exciting events and lots of delicious, local and unique honey from the city!

Bybis also runs different eventprograms, which invites invites to enter a blossoming city, one can actually taste. The company do both private and public tours.
The company also run a project ’My City My Bee’ that is about giving schoolchildren the opportunity to discover the city from the bees perspective. The project teaches them, why humans and bees need eachother and how that can be turned into entrepreneurship.

ByBi works with Activity center Sundholm (for homeless people) to create new opportunities for their users. Their wood workshop produces frames and wooden beehives for the company. In that ByBi also secure an income for the workshop and meaningfull activities for the workshops users.

Together with the Danish Red Cross, 3B and KAB ByBi has made social housing projects buzz with life and trained the inhabitants in beekeeping and honeyproduction.

Bybis honey products are produced in small batches from the companys apiaries across the city. Every district has its own flavour and colour. The honey contains neither pesticides or pollution from the air. Just clean honey from the city of Copenhagen