“Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation—International Case Studies and Practice” is a new book by Ashoka Fellow and Tech Awards Laureate Ken Banks. The book is published 3th March 2016.SocialEntrepreneurshipAndInnovation
In the book thirteen entrepreneurs tell their stories with a brutal, refreshing honesty.
From a life-saving project that brings solar-powered lighting to midwives in Nigeria, tools to help activists spread democracy, a massage to relieve the effects of autism and empowering conservation in North Africa, to a news dissemination service that’s grown from small beginnings to have a global impact, each case study in the book draws out the lessons learnt by the innovators, providing guidance and advice for those looking to follow in their footsteps.
According to Ken Banks the key objective of the book is to inspire people by ‘humanizing’ entrepreneurs and democratizing social change. Although the individuals achieved great things, there’s no reason why many others can’t follow their path.
The book hopes to make their successes feel realistic and accessible to others—especially younger generations.
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