Our project partner from Denmark – Sociale Entreprenorer Danmark (SED)- every month collects and publishes a unique newsletter on happenings in the sector. Here is the link to the latest edition (don’t be afraid of google translating it from Danish, well worth the efforts): http://www.xn--sociale-entreprenrer-rcc.dk/nr-44-november-2015.html

SED is mainly run by voluntary work.

Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark originally started as an alumni for former students on the Master in Social Entrepreneurship (MSE) on The University of Roskilde i May 2010.
I 2012  the association was opened for everyone interested in promoting the field of social entrepreneurship.


Everyone everyone interested in promoting the field of social entrepreneurship can become a member of Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark.
Membership is 100 danish kroner a year (13 euro)
More about membership: here


News and information 
Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark brings news and information on social entrepreneurship, social innovation, social enterprise, co-production, voluntary work, impact investment from Denmark and the rest of the world, on our homepage, Conference- og event calender, through our linkpage an through our monthly newsletter.
You can sign up for our newsletter (for the moment only available in danish):  here
On our facebookpage we also bring uncommented news from the area.


Events and venues
Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark host several network meetings, conferences, study trips and other events to promote social entrepreneurship, to create room for networking, contribute to creative dialog sharing of knowledge and skill development for social entrepreneurs.
More on events and venues: here


Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark is involved in different kinds of projects, that we conduct alone or with different partners.
From September 2014 to August 2016 Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark is participating in a EU ERASMUS+  project ”Social entrepreneurship development in Baltic Sea region” together with other organisations that supports social enterprises in Estonia, Latvia, Lituania, Poland. Sweden and Finland.


Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark is working politically to promote social entrepreneurship on the public agenda.
This is done by bringing contributions to the debate, writing articles, hosting events and initiating other activities.


For further information contact chair of Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark, Per Bach email. per@timebank.dk, tel. + 45 40 11 86 40