This report is written within the project “Socially Agile”. It is combined with the findings of other countries in an international report “Innovative approaches for fostering social entrepreneurship using agile methodology” to create a novel online course subsequently. The used data has been collected through desk research, an online survey with 35 young people and an online survey with 11 social entrepreneurs from Latvia from March to April 2023.

Combining the results of surveys it is possible to come to a few main conclusions about the situation in Latvia.

  • Categories of data demonstrate that youth are aware of and care for social issues.
  • The existing awareness of youth should be linked and relatable to the challenges from their own lives to ensure a sustainable and motivated involvement in the future.
  • Because youth prefer being employed by someone else, education about SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP should be focused on social entrepreneurship as a possibility to build their skills and agility in the changing job market.
  • Focused support for making involvement in social enterprises easier for youth should be planned and developed taking into consideration the challenges with employability among young people, as defined by the EU.

Involving youth in social entrepreneurship (SE) is a strategy that might aid in solving numerous challenges in society, but even more so – equipping them with the necessary skills and mindset for the job market or their own SE adventure to stay resilient in the face of an ever-changing world.

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