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22 Awesome Social Enterprise Ideas and Examples

There are several ways you can go about searching for social enterprise ideas. Seeing examples of social enterprise in action is one of these best ways to get inspired for what you might want to [...]

Am I a Social Entrepreneur? | Jason Aviles

Youtube video is here. Are you a social entrepreneur? Jason Aviles, born and raised in The Bronx, tells his inspiring story of working professionally with youth and what lead him to adopting a Yoga lifestyle [...]

Social Innovation Trends 2020-2030

The beginning of 21st century has marked the significance of Social Innovation development for tackling social, political, economic and environmental challenges. The next decade, according to Frost and Sullivan (The Whitepaper Social Innovation to answer [...]

Corporate Impact Analysis Tool by UNEP FI

Picture taken from Corporate Impact Measurement tool Initially Corporate Impact Analysis Tool was developed for banks and investors to gain a cross-cutting view of the impact status and possibilities of their clients and investee companies. Based [...]

Social Enterprise as a Mechanism of Youth Empowerment

Liang Shang from the City University of Hong Kong and Yanto Chandra from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University have developed explicit research on the youth empowerment mechanisms applied in Social Entrepreneurship as a practice-based learning [...]

Business models for social entrepreneurs in a time with Corona

Tara Anderson has written series of three articles for Pioneers Post on social enterprise business models in a time with Corona. The articles works as a guide for social entrepreneurs to help them develop the [...]

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