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This section covers informative and visual materials, that provide educational support for social entrepreneurs. These materials include, but are not limited to books, articles, video materials, infographics and others.

Pomorskie region Social Economy entities map

Baltic Institute for Regional Affairs from Gdynia, Poland encourages you to use the maps created by the Pomorskie Region Regional Center for Social Policy. This planning is a systematized compendium of knowledge about economic entities [...]

Green Care -based wellbeing services and impact? How to.

Natural Resource Center in Finland has published learning materials and a workbook about modelling and measuring your wellbeing service’s impact. The materials are available in Finnish. The workbook is part of a wider impact program [...]

Local entrepreneurship ecosystems and emerging industries: Case study of Pomorskie, Poland

We highly recommend the latest article from the OECD with the case study examines the Pomorskie local entrepreneurship ecosystem and regional smart specialisation approach. It identifies bottlenecks and enablers in the local entrepreneurship ecosystem and [...]

Why values are important

Why are values important because they define you (and your social enterprise). They define the decisions you make. They are a means to communicate how and why you do the things you do.   Your [...]

How to Stop Procrastination: A social entrepreneur’s toolkit

How to stop procrastination? Through action. Procrastination is the child of endless excuses of why something cannot be done. I’m sure, if prompted one could come up with a whole list of reasons “why not [...]

Webinar about the Polish support programme “From exclusion to activation”

During the webinar, the guidelines and recommendations of the amended program of assistance for socially and professionally excluded persons addressed to social employment entities and NGOs were discussed, as well as the rules of the "From exclusion [...]

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