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Impact Measurement Methodology

//Impact Measurement Methodology

Four types of Impact

As social entrepreneurs we have become quite familiar with the term impact, as it’s the way we bring our mission vision statement to life and create change in society. Across all the different types of [...]

Finnish Online courses on impact assessment

Want to learn how to develop skills in impact assessment or writing a story about your impact? Impact assessment online courses are now available in Finnish through online video platform Videokoulutus.fi There are several courses  [...]

Unleashing the Impact of your Social Enterprise

Recent exploration on worldwide known educational platform Coursera has lead to discovery of some valuable resources, which might help social entrepreneurs in defining the social impact of their social and commercial activities. As it is [...]

Steps towards impact – Tools and examples

We all long for simple tools and examples how to understand the logic of stepping towards social impact. Finnish innovation fund Sitra has for 3 years built a impact investment ecosystem in Finland, and as [...]

Helping social ventures scale their impact

Around the world, millions of children’s needs are not being met. Addressing these needs is a vital part of reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as 56 % of the 169 SDG targets are [...]

Eestikeelne ühiskondliku mõju hindamise käsiraamat

Sotsiaalsete Ettevõtete Võrgustik andis välja ühiskondliku mõju hindamise käsiraamatu nii eesti (LINK siin) kui inglise keeles (LINK siin). Õppematerjaliks sobiva raamatu autoriks on Jaan Aps, kes lisaks SEV-i juhatuse esimehe rollile on võrgustiku meeskonnas ka [...]